Current Publication

Here’s a list of publications (published, submitted, archived) from the UF Biology Department’s graduate students. The list is organized by student authors last name: 

Michelle J. LeFebvre; Laura Brenskelle; John Wieczorek; Sarah Whitcher Kansa; Eric C. Kansa; Neill J. Wallis; Jessica N. King; Kitty F. Emery; Robert Guralnick. 2018. “ZooArchNet: Connecting zooarchaeological specimens to the biodiversity and archaeology data networks.” PLOS One, in review.

Johnson, L. M., Chandler, L. M., Davies, S. K., & Baer, C. F. (2018). Network Architecture and Mutational Sensitivity of the C. elegans Metabolome. bioRxiv, 181511.

Hodel, R. G., Chandler, L. M., Fahrenkrog, A. M., Kirst, M., Gitzendanner, M. A., Soltis, D. E., & Soltis, P. S. (2018). Linking genome signatures of selection and adaptation in non-model plants: exploring potential and limitations in the angiosperm Amborella. Current opinion in plant biology, 42, 81-89.

Farrell, J., Thomas, R., Martindale, M.Q., and Duffy, D.J. 2018. Characterisation of fibropapillomatosis tumour growth profiles in green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas). British Chelonia Group Testudo Vol. 8, No.5

Gaynor, M. L., Marchant, D. B., Soltis, D. E., and Soltis, P. S. (2018). Climatic niche comparison among ploidal levels in the classic autopolyploid system, Galax urceolata(Diapensiaceae). American Journal of Botany, 105(10): 1–12.

Gaynor, M. L., Ng, J., & Laport, R. G. (2018). Phylogenetic structure of plant communities: are polyploids distantly related to co-occurring diploids? Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 6(52).

Hernandez AM, Ryan JF. (2018) Horizontally transferred genes in the ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi. PeerJ 6:e5067

Johnson LM, Chandler LM, Davies SK and Baer CF (2018) Network Architecture and Mutational Sensitivity of the C. elegans Metabolome. Front. Mol. Biosci. 5:69. doi: 10.3389/fmolb.2018.00069

Lanza, A. R. and Seaver, E. C. (2018). An organizing role for the TGF-β signaling pathway in axes formation of the annelid Capitella teleta. Developmental Biology

435 (1): 1-15. ( ). Cover Article.

Andre A. Naranjo, Adam Payton, Walter Judd, Matthew Gitzendanner, Pamela S. Soltis, Douglas E. Soltis. 2018. Population Genetics, Speciation, and Hybridization in Dicerandra (Lamiaceae), a North American Coastal Plain Endemic, and Implications for Conservation. Submitted Conservation Genetics.

Paluh, D.J. and A.M. Bauer. 2018. Phylogenetic history, allometry and disparate functional pressures influence the morphological diversification of the gekkotan quadrate, a keystone cranial element. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. Published online

Paluh, D.J., K. Olgun, and A.M. Bauer. 2018. Ontogeny, but not sexual dimorphism, drives the intraspecific variation of quadrate bone morphology in Hemidactylus turcicus. Herpetologica 74: 22–28.

Pfeiffer, J., Atkinson, C., Sharpe, A., Capps, K., Emery, K., and L. Page. (Accepted). Phylogenetic analysis of Mesoamerican freshwater mussels and a revised tribe-level classification of the Ambleminae (Bivalvia, Unionidae). Zoologica Scripta.

Pfeiffer, J., Graf, D., Cummings, K., and L. Page. (2018). Molecular phylogeny and taxonomic revision of two enigmatic freshwater mussel genera (Bivalvia: Unionidae incertae sedis: Harmandia and Unionetta) reveal diverse clade of Southeast Asian Parreysiinae. Journal of Molluscan Studies.

Pfeiffer, J.M., Sharpe, A.E., Johnson, N.A., Emery, K.F. and L.M. Page. (2018). Molecular phylogeny of the Nearctic and Mesoamerican freshwater mussel genus Megalonaias. Hydrobiologia

Pinson, J., Chambers, S., and Sessa, E. (2017). Vittaria graminifolia (Pteridaceae) and Didymoglossum petersii (Hymenophyllaceae) in Broxton Rocks, GA. American Fern Journal, 107(4): 257–264.

Pinson, J., Manchester, S., and Sessa, E. (2018). Culcita remberi, a tree fern from the Miocene of Idaho. International Journal of Plant Sciences, 179(8): 635–639.

Pirlo, Jeanette, et al. “Connecting Fossil Clubs With K–12 Teachers.” Connected Science Learning, 12 June 2018,

Salinas-Saavedra, Miguel, Amber Q. Rock, and Mark Q. Martindale. “Germ layer-specific regulation of cell polarity and adhesion gives insight into the evolution of mesoderm.” Elife 7 (2018).

Salinas-Saavedra, Miguel, and Mark Q. Martindale. “Improved protocol for spawning and immunostaining embryos and juvenile stages of the ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi.” Protoc. Exch (2018).

Salinas-Saavedra, Miguel, and Mark Q. Martindale. “Par-Cteno-Genesis or Cteno Par-Genesis.” bioRxiv (2018): 431114. (Submitted to a journal)

Salinas-Saavedra, Miguel, and Mark Q. Martindale. “THE ANCESTRAL ROLE OF ß-CATENIN LOOKS THE SAME, BUT IT IS DIFFERENT.” to be uploaded soon to bioRxiv (November 2018)

Shan, Shengchen, Evgeny V. Mavrodiev, Riqing Li, Zhengzhi Zhang, Bernard A. Hauser, Pamela S. Soltis, Douglas E. Soltis, and Bing Yang. “Application of CRISPR/Cas9 to Tragopogon (Asteraceae), an evolutionary model for the study of polyploidy.” Molecular ecology resources (2018).

St Laurent RA, Giusti A, Mielke CGC. The identity of Cicinnus orthane Blanchard, 1852 (Lepidoptera, Mimallonoidea, Mimallonidae), type species of Cicinnus Blanchard, 1852. Zootaxa 4450(2): 275–285. doi:

Kawahara AY, Breinholt JW, Espeland M, Storer C, Plotkin D, Dexter KM, Toussaint EFA, St Laurent RA, Brehm G, Vargas S, Forero D, Pierce NE, Lohman DJ (2018) Phylogenetics of moth-like butterflies (Papilionoidea: Hedylidae) based on a new 13-locus target capture probe set. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 127: 600–605. doi:

St Laurent RA, Mielke CGC (2018) A new species of Lacosoma (Lepidoptera, Mimallonoidea, Mimallonidae) from Southern Brazil, and a new combination. Tropical Lepidoptera Research. 28(1): 19–24.

St Laurent RA, Hamilton CA, Kawahara AY (2018) Museum specimens provide phylogenomic data to resolve relationships of sack-bearer moths (Lepidoptera, Mimallonoidea, Mimallonidae). Systematic Entomology 43: 729–761. doi:

St Laurent RA, McCabe TL, Malm T (2018) Revision of the genus Aleyda Schaus, 1928 with the description of one new species (Lepidoptera: Mimallonidae). SHILAP Revista de Lepidopterología. 46(181): 157–167.

Kitching IJ, Rougerie R, Zwick A, Hamilton CA, St Laurent RA, Naumann S, Ballesteros Mejia L, Kawahara AY (2018) A global checklist of the Bombycoidea (Insecta: Lepidoptera). Biodiversity Data Journal 6: e22236. doi:

Vitek, N.S. 2018. Delineating taxonomic boundaries and exploring range shifts within and between species in the fossil record using shell variation in the Eastern Box Turtle (Terrapene carolina). PLoS ONE 13:e0193437.

Akanyeti, O. P, Yanagitsuru, Y.R., and Liao, J.C. (2018). Head width influences flow sensing by the lateral line canal system in fishes. Journal of Experimental Biology. In Press.