Organizing lunch for visiting faculty

Pizza lunches

1. Send out an announcement email with a doodle a few (~5) days before the scheduled lunch to Also send a reminder email the day before the lunch to maximize the number of participants. Include in the email all of the necessary details about the candidate: what they do, their websites, talk title, etc.

2. The day of the lunch by 10 am call 5 Star Pizza. We usually order 1 large one topping pizza / 3 attendants + 1 extra pizza just in case — this is a lot but it is better to have more in case stragglers show up. Regarding toppings, usually it is best to do a 50-50 split on veg and meat toppings. 5 Star will give you the campus discount if you ask them about it. You can order 2-liter-bottles of soda, and *ask* them to bring napkins, plates, and drinking cups. On average 3 2-liters will do it.

3. Regarding payment: Ask the 5 star guys for an itemized receipt when you call in the morning. You will have to pay either with your credit/debit card over the phone or with cash upon delivery. Keep the receipt.

4. At lunch, make sure to note who are the attendants. At the end of lunch, escort the candidate to next meeting, or find a volunteer to do this.

5. After the lunch, send out an email to the participants to get their feedback regarding their interactions with the candidate. Do this immediately, while the experience is fresh in their mind. Send that info over to the chair and send it to the BGSA vice president and president so they can report to the faculty. Send Karen a list of participants for her paperwork. Give the receipt to Karen and she will submit the reimbursement paperwork that day.

In lieu of pizza

Jimmy Johns — call the day before
Krishna Lunch – you can buy passes for the group the day of or before; meet in the courtyard and walk over Caribbean Spice – will require more work; they may not deliver